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Think carefully before you shade the answer spaces: erase completely any answers(s) you wish to change. Do all rough work on this question paper.

Now answer the following questions.

  1. One-millionth of a second is referred to as
    • (a) nanosecond
    • (b) microsecond
    • (c) millisecond
    • (d) picosecond
  2. Examples of quantitative data type are
    • (a) continuous and discrete
    • (b) local and foreign
    • (c) nominal and ordinal
    • (d) primary and secondary
  3. One difference between data and information is that
    • (a) data is meaningful while information is not meaningful
    • (b) data are raw facts and figures while information is computed data
    • (c) information is independent of data while data is dependent on information
    • (d) information is the raw material while data is the end product of information
  4. The following options are examples of information except
    • (a) area of a circle
    • (b) circumference of a circle
    • (c) perimeter of a rectangle
    • (d) plain shape of a rectangle
  5. Modern computers compared to earlier computers are
    • (a) less reliable
    • (b) faster and larger
    • (c) larger and stronger
    • (d) faster and smaller
  6. What type of computer would be most suitable for a student who lives in a remote village without constant electricity?
    • (a) Desktop computer
    • (b) Laptop computer
    • (c) Mainframe computer
    • (d) Mini computer
  7. EDSAC was produced using a concept known as
    • (a) Circuit switching
    • (b) Packet routing
    • (c) Packet switching
    • (d) Stored program
  8. The process of running more than one program concurrently is known as
    • (a) multithreading
    • (b) multitasking
    • (c) multiprogramming
    • (d) multipurpose.
  9. How many binary digits are contained in 10MB of a memory stick?
    • (a) 10 x 1024
    • (b) 10 x 1024 x 8
    • (c) 10 x 1024 x 1024
    • (d) 10 x 1024 x 1024 x 8
  10. A student would require the following devices to fill an online application form except
    • (a) keyboard
    • (b) mouse
    • (c) printer
    • (d) webcam

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