University admission has become highly competitive in Nigeria. Apart from JAMB examination, the other important examination in Nigeria is WAEC. Some institutions use a combination of WAEC and JAMB result to decide who gets admitted into their school. It is important to know how to Get 7 A’s in WAEC in order score high in both exams. This article will guide you through the techniques of getting not less than 7 A’s in WAEC.

Know what you want to study each day

For someone whose target is to get many A’s on WAEC, you must study each day. Each subject should determine your drift approach. If you are studying for an examination like WAEC, your study approach must not be like an individual who is studying to merely acquire knowledge for the sake of it. Since you are studying or preparing specifically for the WAEC examination, you must adopt a focused study pattern. You must not be casual and indifferent about your study. Decide the particular subject and topic you want to study before the study time. This will enable you to be focused.

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Buy and study past WAEC questions

Past questions are very helpful to anyone preparing for WAEC examination. You need to revise and practise with them because they will enable you to become more acquainted with the type of questions to expect in the main exam. Moreover, your ability to provide correct answers to past questions will boost your confidence.

Avoid possible distractions from all areas

Most students who are set to write this WAEC examination are prone to numerous distractions. These distractions range from the use of smartphones to access the internet and relate with people on social media, instead of studying for their examination. Moreover, they could have friends who my be visiting them at the time when they should be studying. Certainly, having people visit you or connecting with people on social media are not bad in themselves. But they become distractions when it is time for you to study. If you must not spend your study energy on those things, learn to schedule your time and a stick to it. You can do this by switching off your phone when it is time to study. This will keep you from the temptation of having to respond to messages and notifications while studying. 

Train yourself to achieve speed and accuracy

Candidates who score many A’s in WAEC trained themselves to achieve speed and accuracy before they stepped into the WAEC exam hall. The different WAEC papers are not to be written indefinitely. Each exam has a specified duration. Therefore, you must subject yourself to constant study and practice that will make you solve problems fast and accurately.

Choose a study position that will keep you alert

Choosing a comfortable study position is essential to an effective study time. We all differ in terms of what we consider a comfortable study place or position. However, it is better to sit behind a writing table or desk when studying. This will help you not to doze off or become easily bored with your study.

Adopt a suitable study time

You can be effective or otherwise depending on the time you set aside for this task. So, find out which time of the day works for you. Some people read better at night while others read better during the day. Do not impose the style of another on yourself. Find out what works for you and then stick to it. 

Keep a dictionary on your reading desk and always refer to it to know the meaning of words

Keeping a dictionary to which you can refer when you come across difficult and unfamiliar words, is needful. As you encounter strange words and expressions during your study, endeavour to look them up. If you fail to do this, you will not wholly understand what is being studied.

Summarise key points from textbooks

Each textbook contains huge pieces of information. Studying a textbook takes a lot of time. So, it is important for you to jot down the key ideas during your study time. Summarise them in a notebook so that when it is time for revision, that becomes your revision tool, instead of reading the entire book all over again.

Collaborate with other students

Although it is important to begin your study and preparation alone, at some point, you need to collaborate with others. Identify serious and studious students that will become your study mates. Form a group of such like-minded people. They will encourage you and sharpen your study abilities. Moreover, if there are aspects which you do not understand, you can depend on these people for explanations.

Eat well and make out time to rest

Do not wait until you are weighed down by fatigue before you rest. High flying students do have their rest. It is bad study habit to subject the brain to endless activities. Schedule your rest time because the brain performs best when it is refreshed. Moreover, your diet should be balanced. Your brain will not function at its optimum if you only eat junk.

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