Securing admission into a Nigerian university has become highly competitive. Nigeria has a very high population with few institutions to accommodate the teeming applicants for admission to study various courses. Hence, the competitive system of admission requires you to have a score that distinguishes you from others. Scoring as high as 300 is a great way to secure your admission into any course of your choice. But this comes with huge sacrifices and this article sets out to explain what you should do to be one of the top scorers.

Let your preparation for the examination commence early. Plan your exam on time. Do not wait until it’s a month before the exam before your begin to plan. In fact, your plan should begin a year before the examination. Such plans or preparation should include the purchase of books, attendance to extramural classes, allotment of study periods, and many others.

Buy and study past JAMB questions. Past questions are compiled yearly to assist students in their preparation. Use these resources. They help you become acquainted with the type of questions to expect in the forthcoming exam. Besides, your ability to provide correct answers to past questions will boost your confidence.

Search for a CBT centre and practice with a computer. The JAMB CBT software can be bought and installed on any computer. So, practising with the system is a wise way of preparing for the exam. You should know how selections are made with the mouse and keyboard. You should also be conversant with how answers are chosen and submitted.

Training yourself for speed and accuracy must be achieved before you step into the JAMB exam hall. You are not to write the exam indefinitely. There is a fixed time for the exam. So, as part of the preparation, time yourself when you study and when you practise past questions. Putting yourself in an exam condition will help you be more equipped psychologically for the exam.

Enrol in a JAMB tutorial centre. Studying alone has its benefits, but having to learn in the company of others adds to your wealth of knowledge. It enables you to learn from others. Besides, the manner of preparation of others should challenge you to be more diligent.

Study the books recommended in the JAMB syllabus. JAMB, just like every examination body that operates a syllabus, sets its questions based on the syllabus for each subject. The syllabus states the topics from which questions will be asked. Moreover, it contains a list of recommended texts to the studied by students. It is an excellent study guide for anyone who wants to excel in JAMB.

You must be punctual at the examination venue. When you arrive late to an examination, you are likely to be under pressure to settle down and get prepared for the exam. Sometimes, the exam venue might be changed for one reason or the other. So, it is advised that you get to the exam venue one hour before the commencement of the exam. If there’s a need to change the venue or adjust in some other ways, you can do that and still have sometime to calm your nerves down. This helps you psychologically.

Begin by carefully reading all instructions. This is one of the major hindrances to examination success. Some students may know the answer to a given question, but end up answering it the wrong way. This is because careful attention has not been paid to the instructions. All your efforts of rigorous study may be wasted if you do not follow the instructions given for each segment of the questions.

Study one subject at a time. Many students think that there are shortcuts to academic success. There is none. Daily and painstaking studying is the only path to academic success. So, you must make out time to read at least a subject each day. When you exercise your brain daily, it will become more productive and responsive than you could ever imagine. But do not study too many subjects at a time. Take your subjects one after the other. Begin with the less difficult ones and then proceed to those one’s that are quite demanding.

Make your personal summaries of what you read in textbooks. Knowledge retention and writing are connected. Each textbook comes with lots of information, some of which may not be needed for your immediate pursuit. You need to sift those pieces of information by making your own notes. Your notes or jottings will prove to be beneficial when you are set to revise. Instead of revising the entire textbooks, you will simply revise the notes you have made from them.

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