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1. Which of the following items is an example of industrial goods?
A. Cassava
B. Toothpaste
C. Bread
D. Cake

2. The first institution to introduce a degree programme in marketing in Nigeria is University of
A. Ibadan
B. Nigeria, Nsukka
C. Lagos
D. Jos

3. Which of the following marketing terms is applied to a buyer that obtains a desired product by offering something in return?
A. Needs
B. Wants
C. Demand
D. Exchange

4. A company’s orientation that concentrates on mass distribution and low cost its product is a
A. product concept.
B. production concept.
C. marketing concept
D. selling concept

5. Which of the following business orientations stresses that promotional efforts are necessary before customers buy a product? ______ concept
A. Production
B. Product
C. Selling
D. Marketing

6. A set of controllable variables that a firm uses to pursue its objective is
A. product mix
B. product concept
C. selling concept
D. marketing mix

7. A feature of product as a marketing mix element is
A. credit terms.
B. warranty.
C. cash discount.
D. allowances.

8. Which marketing mix element is applicable when a firm provides parking space for its customers?
A. Process
B. People
C. Price
D. Promotion

9. In marketing, the term product refers to
A. any item that can be seen or touched
B. anything that can be offered for consumption
C. goods and ideas
D. packages’ design and warranty.

10. Milk, sugar and bread bought by Amaka for her children’s breakfast are examples of
A. shopping goods.
B. convenience goods.
C. specialty goods.
D. unsought goods.

11. Companies that purchase goods for further processing is an example of
A. a consumer market
B. an industrial market
C. a reseller market
D. a government market

12. Which of the following statements explain an organization market?
A. Buyers are widespread
B. Buyers are price conscious
C. Purchasing is on first-come, first-served basis
D. Purchasing is done by trained personnel

13. At what stage in the buying process does a consumer consider product attributes of available brands?
A. Alternative search
B. Alternative evaluation
C. Purchase decision.
D. Post-purchase decision

14. The last stage in the consumer buying decision process is
A. information search
B. evaluation of alternatives
C. Problem recognition
D. Post-purchase decision

15. The process of collecting and analyzing relevant information to solve a marketing problem is marketing
A. intelligence
B. research
C. audit
D. planning

16. An information required for marketing planning is
A. product quality control mechanism
B. company’s recruitment policy
C. previous year’s sales volume
D. company’s financial policy

17. The purpose of feedback from customers who use a company’s product is to
A. train marketing staff
B. improve the quality of products
C. determine distribution channel to adopt
D. determine the promotional tool to adopt

Use the following information to answer questions 18 and 19

A retailer’s cost and selling price for a bag of rice are N10,000 and N14,000 respectively.

18. What is the company’s mark-up on cost?
A. 28.6%
B. 35%
C. 40%
D. 71.4%

19. What is the retailer’s profit per bag of rice if he incurs an additional cost of N500 on each bag of rice?
A. N3,000
B. N3,500.
C. N4,000.
D. N4,500.

20. Which of the following activities is not a function of advertising? It
A. informs the audience about a product
B. reminds the audience about a product
C. is used in place of personal selling
D. encourages middle to stock a product desired

21. An example of non-personal means of reaching the target audience by an identified sponsor is
A. personal selling
B. coupon
C. sales promotion
D. billboard

22. A reason for granting quantity discount is to
A. encourage prompt payment.
B. encourage bulk purchases
C. make sales outlet popular
D. encourage competition

23. Coupon is used as a sales promotional tool targeted at
A. wholesalers
B. consumers
C. retailers
D. salesmen

24. The creation of awareness for products at the point of sale is
A. sales promotion
B. sampling
C. personal selling
D. merchandising

25. An example of merchandising activities is
A. canvasing for customers by salesmen
B. displaying products at the retail store
C. distribution of goods to customers
D. sales call by salesmen

26. The channel member who does not take title to goods is the
A. retailer
B. wholesaler
C. agent
D. distributor

27. Which of the following distribution channels would be used to sell tractors and cranes?
A. Producer Agent Consumer
B. Producer Agent Retailer Consumer
C. Producer Agent Wholesaler Retailer Consumer
D. Producer Agent Wholesaler Consumer

28. The document that shows the details of goods being transported is the
A. Bill of Exchange
B. invoice
C. waybill
D. Certificate of Origin

29. One of the reasons transportation is important is that it
A. ensures customers’ satisfaction
B. ensures profit maximization
C. facilitates the distribution of goodsProfit
D. ensures stabilization of product price

30. An example of a government warehouse is
A. co-operative warehouse
B. bonded warehouse
C. manufacturer’s warehouse
D. private warehouse

31. Which of the following goods are kept in bonded warehouse?
A. Semi-finished goods.
B. Dutiable goods.
C. Consumer goods.
D. Finished goods.

32. A body that comprises sellers of onions in an area is an example of a
A. labour union
B. market union
C. employer’s association
D. Producers’ association

33. An example of market facilitator is
A. transportation companies
B. manufacturing companies
C. manufacturer’s association
D. textile sellers association

34. A method of engaging in international marketing with the lowest business risk is
A. agency
B. exporting
C. joint venture
D. direct investment

35. A form of engaging in international marketing that involves the pooling of resources between local and foreign firms is
A. joint venture
B. direct investment
C. franchising
D. licensing

36. One of the benefits of e-marketing is that it
A. distributes company’s goods
B. enhances product quality
C. broadens a company’s customer base
D. prevents pilferage of company’s goods

37. One of the uses of e-marketing platform is to
A. deliver goods ordered.
B. provide after sales service.
C. provide packaging for products.
D. promote goods and services

38. A skill a sales personal should possess to enable him handle aggressive customer in a market outlet is
A. calculative skill
B. managerial skill
C. bargaining skill
D. technical skill

39. A factor to be considered in extending credit facilities to a customer is the
A. nature of products to be sold
B. cost of producing the product
C. individual’s total purchases in a given period
D. number of channel members involved in distribution

40. An entrepreneur who intends to establish a frozen fish shop will need
A. reliable power supply
B. good communication network
C. good network of road
D. reliable skilled labour

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