Gregory University, Uturu (GUU) has commenced the sale of application forms for admission into its postgraduate programmes for the 2021/2022 academic session. See the list of available courses, requirements and how to apply for the Gregory University postgraduate admission form below.

Gregory University Postgraduate Courses


1. Department of Civil Engineering
Ph.D. Civil Engr, M.Sc. Civil EngrPGDCivil Engr

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

2. Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering
PGDM.ScPh.D Electrical/Electronic Engineering

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)


3. Department of Environmental Sciences
PGDM.ScPh.D Geology

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)


4. Department of History and International Studies
PGDM.A, Ph.D History and International Studies

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

5. Department of Language and Literary Studies
PGDM.A, Ph,D Language and Literary Studies

PGDM.A, Ph.D French and International Studies

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

6. Department of Theatre and Media Studies

PGDM.A, Ph.D Theatre and Media Studies

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)


7. Department of Anatomy

PGDM.ScPh.D Anatomy

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

8. Department of Physiology

PGDM.ScPh.D Physiology

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)


9. Department of Biology

PGDM.ScPh.D Biology

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

10. Department of Biochemistry

PGDM.ScPh.D Biochemistry

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

11. Department of Microbiology

PGDM.ScPh.D Microbiology

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

12. Department of Computer Science

PGDM.ScPh.D Computer Science

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)


13. Department of Accounting

PGDM.ScPh.D Accounting

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

14. Department of Business Administration

PGDM.ScPh.D Business Administration

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

15. Department of Insurance

PGDM.ScPh.D Insurance

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

16. Department of Economics

PGDM.ScPh.D Economics

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

17. Department of Sociology

PGDM.ScPh.D Sociology

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

18. Department of Political Science

PGDM.ScPh.D Political Science

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

19. Department of International Relations

PGDM.ScPh.D International Relations

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)

20. Department of Mass Communications

PGDM.ScPh.D Mass Communications

(All sub-disciplines inclusive)


Postgraduate Diploma in (PGDE)
20. Department of Physical & Health Education
21. Department of Educational Administration
22. Department of Science Education
23. Department of Business Education
24. Department of Guidance & Counseling

Gregory University Postgraduate Admission Requirements

Ph.D. Degree Programmes:

These are available to holders of M.A; M.Ed.; M.Sc. and LL.M degrees, with a minimum of 4.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA or equivalent 60% score in their academic Master degree programmes. A Ph.D. degree programme runs for a minimum period of six (6) semesters and a maximum period of ten (10) semesters. Relevant courses will be taken for the Ph.D. full time studies where prescribed and a Thesis is required at the end of the Ph.D. programme.

Master Degree Programmes:

M.A., M.Sc. degrees run for a minimum period of 4 semesters and a maximum period of 6 semesters for full-time candidates; a minimum period of 6 semesters and a maximum period of 8 semesters for part-time candidates. All Master Degree Programmes are Gregory University coursework. This is in addition to a research report in form of a Dissertation or Research project. HND with PGDs at upper credit may be acceptable.

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma degrees are available to candidates with a Third class (honours) degree and Higher National Diploma (HND) with minimum of lower credit or its equivalents. The Diplomas run for a minimum period of 2 semesters and a maximum period of 4 semesters for full time candidates or a minimum period of 4 semesters and a maximum period of 6 semesters for part time candidates.

General Information:

The Postgraduate session for Postgraduate programmes is two (2) semesters, commencing in October and ending in September of the following year, starting from the date of first registration.


  • All Certificates shall be available at the point of purchasing the application form, including the National Youth Service Corp DISCHARGE CERTIFICATE OR EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE.
  • Candidates are expected to submit their application forms online together with the scanned copies of their credentials.
  • Transcripts of Academic Records should be forwarded to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies. The Postgraduate School will not be held liable for any misdirected transcript, please.
  • All candidates must have 5 O/L Credit passes, including English Language and Mathematics.
  • Applicants for the Master degree programmes who are graduates of GUU and other recognized Universities must have a minimum of Second Class Honours Degree (Lower Division) and must be applying for programmes in which they have their first degrees. However, applicants with Second Class Honours Degree (Lower Division) and those with higher classes of degrees seeking admissions into programmes outside those in which they have their first degrees may be admitted, provided they satisfy Senate. All Candidates shall apply early for their official Bachelor’s degree transcript to be sent to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies, before the expiration of the deadline.
  • Applicants for the Postgraduate programmes will be subjected to written assessment (qualifying examination) irrespective of the class of degree obtained
How to Apply for Gregory University Postgraduate Admission Form

Forms are sold online at our website:, Please, follow all instructions

The application form costs N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira Only). payable via the online payment channel

Please note the purchase of the form closes on the 24th of September 2021

Applicants should check the University website for detailed application procedures and further information or call:

the Dean SPGS, Prof.(Mrs) C. U Njoku Tel: 080340003702;
the Deputy Dean SPGS, Asso Prof. Henry Ogiri Tel: 09034323291: or
the Graduate Studies Officer, Dr. O Onoka Tel: 08037704833.

You can also visit our Central Admission and Liaison Office, GUU Postgraduate School, at Mary Junction, Plot 100, Okigwe-Afikpo Road, Hopeville, PMB 1012, Uturu, Abia State.