ECONOMICS WAEC PAST QUESTION PAPER 2020 PDF (PRIVATE CANDIDATE): The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for Private candidates, 2020 – First Series provided below assist you understand the required standards expected in Economics final Examination.

The standard of the paper was good and did not deviate from those of the previous years.  The questions were straightforward, unambiguous and spread to cover most aspects of the Syllabus.  The rubrics were clearly stated.

However, there has been so much significant improvement in the overall candidates’ performance compared with those of the previous years because of the Past question that student engages themselves.

  • Do not open the question booklet until you are told to do so.
  • While you are waiting, write your name and index number in the spaces provided at the top right-hand corner of the question booklet.
  • Use HB pencil throughout
  • If you got a blank answer sheet, complete its top section as follows.
    • In the space marked Name, write in capital letters your surname followed by your other names.
    • In the spaces marked Examination, Year, Subject and Paper, write ‘ WASSCE (PC1)‘, ‘2020‘, ECONOMICS‘ and ‘1‘ respectively.
    • In the box marked Index Number, write your index number vertically in the spaces on the left-hand side. There are numbered spaces in line with each digit. Shade carefully the space with the same number as each digit.
    • In the box marked Paper Code, write 2031 in the spaces on the left-hand side. Shade the corresponding numbered spaces in the same way as for your index number.
    • In the box marked Sex, shade the space marked M if you are male, or F if you are female.
  • If you have got a pre-printed answer sheet, check that the details are correctly printed as described in 2 above. In the boxes marked Index Number, Paper Code and Sex, reshade each of the shaded spaces.
  • Answer all the questions. Each question is followed by four options lettered A to D. Find the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space which the same letter as the option you chosen. Give only one answer to each question
  • Think carefully before you shade the answer spaces; erase completely any answer(s) you wish to change. Do all rough work on the question paper.


  • Do not open the question booklet until you are told to do so.
  • While you are waiting, write your surname and other names in the spaces provided at the top of the answer booklet
  • In the box marked index number, check that your centre and candidate’s numbers are correctly printed
  • In addition to writing your name on the front page of this booklet, write your index number in the area provided at the top of pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in the designated spaces ” Index Number ….”
  • Answer four questions in all: choosing at least one question from each section.
  • Write boldly and legibly in ink (blue or black) and state your answers precisely.
  • Use 2B pencil to draw where necessary.
  • Write your answers within the spaces provided.
  • Do not write more than one answer on a line.
  • Do not write on the barcodes at the sides of the pages.
  • Dot not tear off any part of this booklet. It is an examination malpractice if you do so.

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