Are you a game-changing Entrepreneur? Have you thought of competing in THE NEXT TITAN NIGERIA Season 9 – The Game Changer? Think you have what it takes? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you have an opportunity to win the grand prize of N20,000,000.

THE NEXT TITAN is back for its ninth season, and this time it’s looking for ambitious businesspeople who want to prove that they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur by presenting unbeatable business ideas, commercial insight, and business savvy in order to remain in the competition and compete for the season’s grand prize.

The TV Reality Show, now in its ninth season, allows young bright Nigerians with amazing and unique business ideas to compete against one another in real-life entrepreneurial challenges for a chance to win Twenty Million Naira to start a new business or support an existing one. Each week, the aspiring entrepreneurs will be separated into two teams to handle a business objective, which will be led by their supervisors. After completing each challenge, both teams return to the weekly boardroom to discuss their experiences and present their report to the board of judges, and a team will be judged a winner or a loser in the boardroom. The winning team will receive a treat, while the losing team will nominate some of their colleagues for eviction, and this process, along with the subsequent dispute, will allow the board of judges to oust at least one of the candidates from the tournament. In certain other boardrooms, the eviction process can be manipulated. The Grand Prize will be awarded to the ultimate winner of The Next Titan Season 9 for the support of his or her business idea.

The Next Titan Nigeria Season 9 Eligibility
  • You must be a bona-fide Nigerian citizen.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age and not more than 40 years old.
  • You must be a Graduate or an undergraduate of a Higher Institution of Learning.
  • You must be in excellent physical and mental health.
  • You must be willing and able to move into and reside in the “The Titan House’’ in Lagos for the duration of the 10 weeks of the show.
  • You must be willing and able to cover all your travel expenses to and from the location of the “The Next Titan House” where all contestants will be resident throughout the duration of the show.
  • You must be willing and able to fully participate for the duration of the 10 weeks of the show, based on the dates set by the Producers.
  • You must be willing and able to peaceful co-exist with the other contestants who will be your housemates during the duration of the show.
  • Neither you nor any of your immediate family members, must be an employee, producer, director or agent of Bravopoints International Ltd, Heritage Bank Plc, and other Sponsors, of the show.
  • You must follow the Titan Instagram page @thenext_titan before you proceed.
The Next Titan Nigeria Season 9 Benefits
  • The winner walks off with the Grand Prize of N20,000,000.
  • The three runners up win N2,500,000, N1,500,000, and N1,000,000 respectively.
How to Apply for The Next Titan Nigeria Season 9
  • Registration Stage: Contestants are expected to fill out Registration Form stating their business ideas, with upload of their full pictures.
  • Audition Stage: Successful contestants from the first stage will be called for Auditions based on the choice of Audition location selected by the contestants.
  • Top 50 Bootcamp: The Top 50 contestants will be invited to Lagos for Top 50 boot camp where they will engage in bootcamp activities for 3 days.
  • Top 16 Contestants: After the end of the bootcamp, the top 16 or 18 contestants will be unveiled at a Premiere Ceremony of over 300 guests, and these contestants will make it to the Titan House for the 10-week main show on television.


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