Some concerned students have suggested that Public-Private Partnership (PPP) should fund the university system in Nigeria and also appealed to the Federal Government and Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to resolve their differences.

The students, who recounted losses caused by the six months strike by ASUU, continued to express serious concern about the situation, saying the long stay at home had inflicted permanent injury on them and damage to the education system. 

Ms Philemon Kojo, a clinical student in the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA), said that ASUU strike has become a regular occurrence for many years for public university with prolonged academic years as the obvious effect. 

Kojo suggested that for the issue to be resolved, ASUU and the education ministry should engage global monetary agencies to access unding or better still, the education sector should be privatised for proper management.

She said, “The education sector should research into solutions that can lead us from a customer economy to productive economy, for example, vaccine and drug production, electronics and even energy generation.” 

“The ASUU strike has been tormenting me mentally and emotionally, especially as I see my counterparts in private institutions graduating and progressing with their lives. 

“As a clinical year student, all my past efforts in clinical postings are thrown away because I have to repeat them on resumption.