Is your result withheld? do you have outstanding in some subjects in your result? What should I do if my waec result is withheld or I have outstanding in my waec result? What does it mean when WAEC held/witheld results? What does it mean to have outstanding in some subjects in WAEC result? This page will discuss all the issues in details.

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Why do WAEC Withheld Result

Possibility of release: Slim

This occurs when almost all the candidates in a particular school are answering the same questions using the same words and had same grade. WAEC will further investigate the result. If truly the candidates engaged in any form of malpractice during the exam, such results would be seized and not released. But if reverse is the case, they would be released. WAEC result can also be held if a written remark is made on a candidate answer booklet relating to malpractice and other examination offences or a candidate was caught indulging in exam malpractice and a form was filled and sent to WAEC. The chances of releasing withheld result is very slim.

Outstanding in WAEC Result

Possibility of release: Medium

When will waec withheld result be released

For candidates with “outstanding” results, please be informed that it only means the results are pending because of errors made by candidates. Once the errors are corrected, the results will be released online. Outstanding in some subject(s) mostly occur when a student is recorded as present in exams, but the mark on the subject(s) are not concluded. It can also be cause by extra answer sheet.  i.e. when not properly attached or some other factors.