Ludwig-Maximilians -Universität München scholarships funded by the Federal State of Bavaria for summer semester 2021 and winter semester 2021/2022

The funding amounts to a max. of €650 per month for a period of up to ten months.


Who can apply:

Students / doctoral students (not including students on preparatory courses,
exchange students, program students) who are registered at the time of
application for a regular full-time study program and

a. have completed at least three semesters (B A, state examination, teacher
education program, PhD or diploma at LMU with above-average results. Master
students can apply in semester 1;

b. has not taken their Abitur (higher education entrance qualification) in
the Federal Republic of Germany (or in a German school in a foreign country).

c. are aged under 35 at the time of application;

d. are not entitled to statutory or other financial support, e.g., BAföG;

e. are able to demonstrate financial need (based on the maximum BAföG rate
of €853. In individual cases, this rate can be exceeded.)

f. have received less than 30 months of funding or three one-year
scholarships (regardless of organization providing funding).

Application documents:

1. Detailed CV with photograph

2. Letter of motivation

3. Statement on financial need

4. Two recent references from two members of LMU teaching staff (major
subject and minor subject if available) describing the applicant’s academic
ability and academic achievements during summer semester 2020, winter semester
2020/2021. Both references must be written and countersigned by LMU teaching
staff. The references must also be stamped with the institute stamp. The
referees should send the completed reference forms by e- mail to Ms.
Maj-Catherine Botheroyd-Hobohm ([email protected]) with the
subject “Reference”. Deadline is February 28th 2021

Please note: the International Office cannot give you any information
concerning references. Please contact your referees.

5. Proof of all completed courses (e.g., transcript from LSF account and/or
course certificates), copies of (diploma) intermediate examination certificate
and similar
documents, as well as bachelor’s certificate, (if available).

6. Registration certificate for the current semester.

7. Copies of passport and visa.

8. Marriage certificate, for married applicants

9. Birth certificate(s), for applicants with children

10. Residence registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung) for spouse and
children if they are resident in the Federal Republic of Germany

11. Spouse’s registration certificate for the current semester, if LMU

Application period: January 15th – February 28th 2021

Please note:

• Applicants can submit their application documents electronically. Please
ensure that the documents are completed in full and submitted on time.
Incomplete documents cannot be processed and will result in the application
being rejected. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that
all application documents are complete.

• From January 15th 2020, the electronic application form will be available
at the following Internet address: 

• The International Office Advisory Committee will decide on scholarship
applications at its annual meeting; no reason for its decisions will be given. An e- mail will be sent to your campus address in June/July informing you whether your scholarship application has been successful or not.

• Scholarships are granted due to availability. Applicants have no legal
entitlement to scholarship funds.

Scholarships will not be awarded to applicants already in receipt of other funding, regardless of the source.

• Please address any queries to Ms. Maj-Catherine Botheroyd-Hobohm ( E-mail:
[email protected])